4 Phases of Email Marketing

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4 Phases of Email Marketing

July 14, 2017


The essence of email marketing is quite simple, sending an email to a group of people to promote your business. Emails for email marketing can consist of promotions, information on the business, updates on changes and so forth that can be intriguing or of value to your current customer base. 


Here are the 4 phases of your email marketing campaigns.


Phase One) Create a sizable email list to send content to customer


This can be done by having an email sign up on your website and in-stores for upcoming promotions, events, changes, etc. that could be important to your customers and you for creating loyal customers. 


Phase Two) Set realistic goals for what you will be sending and organize a schedule to accommodate your goals


What good does setting goals if you cannot attain them? Set goals that are achievable and organize your time to reach those goals. Creating a schedule makes it easier to set aside small amounts of time each day or week to achieve a much greater goal. 


Phase Three) Execute, Execute, Execute! 


Again, what good is setting goals and creating a schedule if you do NOT take the time to complete your tasks. If you realize it is not attainable to follow your goals or schedule, reassess them and start at phase two again for the best outcome.


Phase Four) Spice It Up! 


There are several creative trends out there, here are a few examples from recent successful companies utilizing email marketing here. Check them out and let me know if you try something similar to these ideas! Or maybe you'd like me to spice things up more, give me some feedback on what you like and do not on how I use email marketing here.


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