Blogging 101

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Blogging 101

August 26, 2018


So you've read a few of our blog articles and liked them so much that you suddenly are inspired to start your own blog...awesome! (just kidding, that probably isn't the reason you want to blog, but we'll certainly take the compliment if it is!) The only problem is you don't know where to begin on creating your epic blog.


Don't worry we're here to help!  This entire blog article is (ironically) all about teaching you how to blog. Let's get started!


First things first, what exactly is a blog?


A blog is a website or part of a website that dedicated to publishing written articles called "blog posts." Blogs are a place where people can share their opinions, advice, how-to guides, stories, and just about any other type of written content.


Who should start a blog?


The beautiful thing about blogging is that virtually anybody can publish blogs about any topic they choose! A college student can start a blog that gives advice to other students, a newborn mother can start a blog giving tips in tricks to other mothers, and a local yoga studio can start a blog sharing mindfulness advice and information about different yoga poses.



The opportunities are endless! To summarize, blogs are perfect for both individuals AND businesses.


What are the benefits of starting a blog?


We're going to focus on the benefits of blogging as a business owner with these four reasons:


1) A place to share your story and establish your values


Blogging is the perfect way to share your businesses' story and establish what values you believe in. You can write about how your brand came to be and share perspective on how you view your industry and the world around you!


2) You can find your tribe and connect with them

Actually, it's more like blogging lets your tribe find you! Creating valuable content in your niche will allow people in your industry to discover your website and interact with your brand. Who knows, some of them might become customers down the road!



3) Blogging builds trust with your audience and makes you look like a thought leader in your field

This is probably the most valuable aspect of blogging (in our opinion). Publishing content that your readers find genuinely helpful goes a LONG way in building trust with your audience. Consumers just don't trust brands like they used to, and therefore will be more receptive to quality content rather than intrusive advertising.


4) Blogging is low-cost!


Besides any web-hosting fees you encounter, blogging is pretty much a free way to reach your audience. Writing high-quality blog articles does take some time, but at least it won't break the bank in the process!


Alright now that I know WHY I should start a blog, HOW do I get started?


Here is a 5-step guide to creating the ultimate blog for you or business!


1) Decide how you're going to host your blog


Is your blog going to be a part of your current business' website, or its own "stand-alone" website? If you are starting a blog as an individual (NOT for your business), you probably want to create a new website to host your blog.


Wordpress is the most popular option, but other web-hosting sites like Wix and Weebly offer blog features as well!



If you want to create a blog on your current business' website, then your process will be much easier! Just do some quick research on how to add a blog to your website, which will be different depending on which platform you used to create your website. 


2) Decide on the name/layout of your blog


If you are creating your blog from scratch, then now is the time to think of a clever name for your blog. Try to pick something simple yet catchy!


If you are adding a blog to your business' website, then you probably don't need to choose a different name (although you certainly can). Decide on how you want your blog to look and how you want it to function!


3) Make a list of the topics you'd like to cover in your blog posts

What types of content do you want to share with your audience? Here's a list of ideas to get you started:


- The history of your brand
- Tutorials/how-to guides
- New product information/highlights
- Employee showcase
- Educational material about your industry
- Case study about one of your clients


The opportunities are endless, just make sure that your topics align with your brand's values and are relevant to your industry.


4) Write and publish your blog articles!


Now that you have your layout and topics picked out, it's time to write your first blog post! There's no right or wrong way when it comes to blogging, but we will offer the following tips on creating a high-quality blog post:


- Start with a short intro, followed by the body of your post, and then finish with a brief     conclusion
- Choose some eye-catching photos to break up your text and keep things interesting
- Refrain from long paragraphs - keep things short and spaced out. 
- Be creative with your layouts - lists, steps, and Q&A style blogs are all ways to keep         your readers engaged!


5) Share your blogs on social media!


Now that you've written and published your first blog post, it's time to share it on other platforms! Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all excellent places to share your blog with your current audience. You can also share your blog via email or include it in your weekly/monthly newsletter! 




Blogging is an excellent opportunity for both individuals and businesses to share their ideas and connect with like-minded people. You don't need to be a professional journalist to write high-quality blog articles either, all you need is a topic you want to write about and a little motivation!


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