How to Create the Perfect Podcast for your Brand

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How to Create the Perfect Podcast for your Brand

August 19, 2018

Creating a podcast for your brand is an excellent way for you to reach a broad audience in a unique way. This guide will explain the benefits of podcasting and some quick steps to get you started!


What is a Podcast?


For those of you who aren't familiar, a podcast is an audio recording of one or multiple people speaking about certain topics. There are podcasts about sports, politics, marketing, mindfulness, and just about any other topic you can think of.  


Users can subscribe to their favorite podcasts, download the audio files to their phones or computers, or stream the audio files online. Podcasts can be thought of as "audio blogs." 


Why would a business want to start a podcast?


Businesses can use podcasts to reach new users who might not engage with blogs or other content on that company's website. Podcasts are growing in popularity and for good reason! They offer the following benefits over other types of content (think blogs or video).


Convenience - Listeners can tune into their favorite podcasts while driving, cooking, exercising, or doing other productive activities. Blogs or video presentations just can't offer this level of convenience!


Time Efficiency - While you still want to take some time to prepare for your podcast, it is generally more time efficient than blogging or video production. It would take MUCH longer to write out the amount of content you can cover in a 20-minute blog.



Versatility - Podcasts come in all shapes and sizes, and are very easy to fit the needs of both your business and audience. You can create a series, feature guest speakers, and so much more!


Okay now that I know what a podcast is, how do I create one?


We've got you covered! These five steps will get you started in no time!


1) Choose your niche

Similar to blogging, choosing a specific niche is the way to go when it comes to podcasting! It might seem like you're narrowing your audience by getting specific with your topics, but your content will actually stand out more in a less saturated environment. Your audience will be more aligned with your brand, and therefore more likely to engage and become future customers!


2) Decide on a catchy name for your podcast


There really is no right or wrong way to name your podcast - this is where you let your creativity shine! We just suggest that you keep the name short, sweet, and relevant to your niche.


3) Set up your recording studio


Okay, you don't need to create a $10,000 acoustically treated studio. Just arrange a comfortable desk area where you can organize any notes you need and set up your computer and microphone.


You don't need an expensive microphone either; there are many USB-friendly microphones for less than $200 that have surprisingly good audio quality. A $10 pop-filter will also help eliminate unwanted "pah" sounds while speaking!



And if you don't want to invest in a microphone yet, newer smartphones have come along ways in their audio recording capabilities and will get the job done for the time being. You will also want to download a program to edit your audio - Audacity is free and has all the feature you need!


4) Develop an outline for your podcast, and hit record!


You don't need to write out a word-for-word transcript for your podcast, but it's still important to make a general outline that addresses the following questions:


Who is going to be speaking?

What is the name of this podcast episode?

What topics will be covered and for what duration?

What takeaways do you want for your audience?

What final message do you want to leave your audience?


You can use notecards, a whiteboard, or anything else that will help guide you along the way!


5) Share your podcast online!


There are many options for how you can promote your podcast. We recommend the following options:


- Post your podcast on Itunes
- Submit your podcast to Stitcher
- Post your podcast on your website
- Share your podcast on social media
- Repurpose your podcast as a blog article




Podcasts are an exciting way to deliver valuable content to your audience and position yourself as a thought leader in your niche. We encourage you to use these steps to create a game plan for podcasting success!


For additional help with your podcast endeavors, we created this podcasting cheatsheet to help guide you along the way!

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