Engaging with your Audience (Featuring Niki Meixensperger)

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Engaging with your Audience (Featuring Niki Mand)

October 8, 2018


It feels pretty great when you start to build a solid following on your brand's social media channels. It feels even better when people start to engage with your content with questions and comments! These engagements show that your audience is genuinely interested in your brand.


You don't want to leave these people hanging, however, so it's important to take some time to actively engage with your audience. This engagement will build lasting relationships with your audience, build trust, and encourage future engagement with your social media posts.


Today we're featuring our "social media engagement guru" here at the Digital Garden, Niki Mand! Niki was kind enough to answer some questions regarding social media engagement.


Let's get started!


1) Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do for the Digital Garden?


My name is Niki, and I am a proud mama bear of two awesome kiddos and newly married! I am the experience and engagement coordinator for the Digital Garden. 


2) What is your favorite part about engaging with people on social media?


I absolutely LOVE creating new relationships and cultivating existing ones! 


3) Do you have different strategies for each social platform? (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)


On Facebook, I try to focus on local events/businesses/etc. to get our name out in the community.


On Instagram, I focus on "our tribe"- people with like-minded interests, values, aesthetics.



Pinterest is a completely different animal. I CREATE pins based on blogs we share and things "our tribe" is interested in and bring them full circle back to the Digital Garden and creating an organic marketing or branding strategy! 


4) How do you be personable while staying true to our brand voice?


I just try to be me! Authentic, real and engaged! With a dash of plant themed puns of course 😉 


5) How do you deal with negative comments? 


We thankfully have not had to deal with this - but I am a "positively forward" type of gal. Acknowledge that their concern is heard, validate, and try to find a solution to move positively forward or educate. 


6) Are there any tips you would give to somebody who’s new to social media and looking to build quality interaction for their business?


Yes, here are six!


-Follow ppl that are in line with your business
- Be PERSONAL. People love to see the face behind the business
- Engage on others accounts with authentic comments or thoughtful questions (so they have to answer you! 😉)
- Share your page (FB with your friends list so they can like and follow you!)
- Share a few times a week to keep you on your audience's radar. (just don't overshare or overload!)
- Be real and authentic!!! Nobody else can be you or do exactly what you do! 



7) What is something (or a few things) you have struggled with so far while engaging/building engagement on social media?


Getting responses! (asking authentic questions has really helped!!) 



Thank you so much, Niki, for taking the time to answer these questions and give us some pro tips for engaging with our audience! Everyone has there own unique strategies when it comes to engagement, and hopefully, you can take a few things away from how we do things here at the Digital Garden!




There's a lot that goes into engaging with your audience, but the most important factors are to be genuine and consistent. Having a smaller engaged audience can be much more valuable than a large, un-engaged audience, so don't underestimate the importance of engaging on social media!


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