Why Alignable Might be Perfect for your Small Business

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Why Alignable Might be Perfect for your Small Business

August 13, 2018

Every time you get acquainted with a new social media platform, another one seems to appear out of nowhere! Your business is already on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn - you might be thinking "that's enough already"!


Well lucky for you, we're introducing a "new" social media platform today, and it's called Alignable.


What is Alignable?


Headquartered in Boston, MA, Alignable is a B2B social media platform that was created in 2014 by Eric Groves and Venkat Krishnamurthy. Similar to LinkedIn, Alignable was created to help connect small businesses with one another.



The platform has seen increased popularity over recent years, and many businesses are finding value in its features.


What makes Alignable different than LinkedIn?


While LinkedIn offers many benefits to both businesses and business professionals, it doesn't entirely focus on small business communities. That's where Alignable steps in - the platform is specifically helped to connect small businesses in their geographic locations.


When a business signs up for Alignable, they are instantly connected with other small businesses in their area. Alignable allows users to build a profile, add photos, tell their story, and everything you would expect from a social media platform. Users can also highlight local events and get involved with things going on in the community.



Alignable also takes out the individual business professional/career features that are offered on LinkedIn. This platform focuses solely on business profiles, and helping them connect and share ideas. Alignable aims to focus on relationship building rather than connection-grabbing.


Users have reported in testimonials that the relationships they build on Alignable quickly led to in-person meetings. Alignable also provides an excellent platform for businesses to ask questions that can be answered by other businesses in their community/industry.


The "Main Street Insights" feature


Alignable released their "Main Streets Insights" features as a place where local businesses can learn about their industry, as well as get advice from other small business owners. Alignable claims to only publish content that is specifically useful for local business owners.



Main Streets Insights also features a forum area where small business owners can discuss various business topics and strategies, and get insight from other similar business owners.


B2B lead-generation on Alignable


Let's face it - platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be excellent lead-generation tools for B2C companies, but they just aren't that effective in the B2B environment. LinkedIn has provided much better value for B2B lead generation, but Alignable takes things one step further.


Businesses on Alignable are presented with the ultimate platform for building high-quality B2B leads, as well as share leads with other businesses!


Time for the big question - should my business use LinkedIn OR Alignable?


Our answer is that depending on the nature of your company, you can probably benefit from both! LinkedIn is still a huge player in the B2B environment, so we certainly wouldn't recommend switching your efforts exclusively to Alignable.


That being said, Alignable does offer value to small business owners that go beyond the capabilities of LinkedIn, especially in the local community.




You might see Alignable as just one more social media platform you don't want to worry about, but we do encourage you to at least check out what it has to offer. There is nothing but potential upside if you decide to make an account and try connecting in your local community!


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