Is Vero the future of social media?

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Is Vero the future of social media?

February 27, 2018



There's a "new" social media platform that is aiming to take on Facebook, Instagram, and other leading social media platforms. This social media app has seen a massive spike in popularity over the last week, jumping to the top of both the App Store and Google Play Store almost overnight. This social media platform is called Vero.


What is it?


Vero is a social media platform that was created in 2015 by Lebanese billionaire Ayman Hariri. The platform aims to provide a "true" social media experience, rivaling recent updates to Facebook and Instagram. 


Vero promises to deliver a chronological news feed, in contrast to the algorithms behind the news feeds of Facebook and Instagram. Vero also promises not to have advertisements featured in its news feed (bold statement in 2018, right?) Sponsored posts have cluttered users' news feeds on the big social media platforms over the last few years, and have taken away from an authentic social experience. Vero plans on changing that, by creating a social media experience that fosters real person-to-person connections. 


Another unique feature that Vero provides is the ability to choose who sees what. Users are allowed add their friends/followers to categories, which include close friends, friends, acquaintances, and followers. When the user decides to share a post on Vero, they can then select which of these groups can view the post in their news feed.



Why would you want it?


Let's face it - we all have been a little annoyed with some of the updates that Facebook and Instagram have made over the last couple of years. Facebook was once a place that connected friends and family, and its news feeds were full of posts from actual people. Now you can barely see your friends' posts between the plethora of sponsored ads. These issues are precisely what Vero is aiming to tackle.


In theory, Vero should provide you with a news feed full of interesting content from people you care about. It also allows you the ability to share a large variety of content with the people you see fit. Sounds like a good plan on paper! Vero's sudden increase in user activity has caused the app to crash for many users, so only time will tell how successful this platform will be. 


Will it benefit business?


This is the question that interests us in particular. Vero's absence of ads takes away a vital role in a social media strategy for most businesses. That being said, we do see some potential for businesses to shine on Vero if it does blow up in popularity in the future. 


Vero offers a way for people to connect with people and things that they care about. If a business can provide valuable content to its Vero followers, then they could be quite successful on the platform. Recent Facebook and Instagram algorithm changes have drastically decreased organic reach, which makes Vero's "no-algorithm" game plan seem pretty attractive for businesses. 




Vero has a unique game plan that theoretically fixes some of the big issues that users have had with some of the other social media platforms. We encourage you to keep an eye on this platform in the near future, because it might end up being the next big thing for your business. 


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