5 Benefits of Creating a Niche

5 Benefits of Creating a Niche Market

December 1, 2017



As a business owner, you may not have heard about something called niche marketing.  It may sound like a made-up word, but we promise you; it is an essential aspect of finding your ideal client.  In this blog, we will outline what a niche is & the benefits of having one.  If you want to learn more, we also have a free download available.


A niche is a well-defined portion of the population who has a specific interest.   An example would be people who are vegetarian & love essential oils (a.k.a Tiffany).  These are interests not particularly popular with the general public, especially in the Oshkosh community. However, honing in on such a particular group will add many benefits to your social media marketing.  


We have included a list of the top five benefits of niche marketing to help you understand why it is so important. 


1) Become an Expert in Your Industry


Since you are in your corner of the market, you specialize in this particular product or service. You can use this to your advantage because this will give you the opportunity to become a thought leader & increase your credibility.  More people would rather interact with a small company who knows a lot about a product or service, rather than a big corporation that doesn't specialize in anything.


2) Targeted Marketing 


Knowing your audience's pain points, goals, interests, etc. will help to target them more efficient and straightforward.  Since they are all similar, you do not have to spend as many resources researching & analyzing them, compared to a company who wants to reach six different groups of people.


Using us as an example, we love people who are innovators and seek to help others in their own way. Therefore, we serve many businesses in the health & wellness industry.  We understand that some of our clients have innovative ideas but are not sure how to create a strategy to get their ideas out into the world.


3) Stand Out From the Competition


Everyone searches on Google or Pinterest to find things they need or want.  If you have a specific product or service that interests your customer, you will stand out.  

Many marketing agencies in the Fox Valley design websites, run social media advertising, & create content for clients.  We stand out because we take a compassionate approach.  We empower our clients by teaching them how to communicate online efficiently.  If they don't have the time, we create authentic messages so they can still build their online presence with their customers.  Overall, we essentially become a part of their team.


4) Create Meaningful Relationships


A customer who loves your product or service will keep coming back, especially if it something that is difficult to find.   The repeated interactions will help build a quality relationship.  You will be able to serve them better & grow their loyalty to your brand.


5) Word of Mouth


Word of mouth is still a powerful tool.  People love to hang out with like-minded individuals. Once you solidify your relationship with one customer, they may recommend your business to their friends and family.


Want to start implementing these tools?

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