Behind the Scenes: Fashion Show

Behind the Scenes: Fashion Show

February 6, 2018

Two weeks ago, we attended something super exciting and new for the Oshkosh community....A FASHION SHOW!  It had a spectacular turnout for being the first of its kind.  It was a lot of work to put together with some challenges, but it was well worth it because we got to see firsthand what our work can do.


How we got involved


A little over seven weeks before the fashion show, designer Rushana Bright came to us. She knew us as marketing consultants through the Rise & Grind, where she would create her clothing designs.  


She saw some of our online marketing  we had done for our clients.  She needed help for her marketing efforts, both for digital marketing and traditional marketing.  


Rushana had the dream of creating a fashion show.  She wanted to use it to reveal her new, handcrafted clothing line to boutique owners so they could display them in their shops.


Social media marketing for a fashion event was something we had not done yet, but we were eager to help her out.  Oshkosh is not known for fashion, and although we like to think we're fashionable, we didn't know the terms used in the fashion industry to make Rushana's event stand out on social media.  


After a TON of research, we came up with keywords we thought would best fit with the event marketing materials. We also had to find different ways to find models for Rushana's event.  


At first, we reached out to different talent agencies for models, but most weren't in the budget, so we got creative.  We used Instagram to find the models. This out of the box method had pros & cons.  We had to make our message look legit and not creepy. Rushana hired Mirrorless Productions to do all of the photography for the event.  We were set to start campaigning for her fashion show.


A big challenge we had to overcome, besides finding the models,  was the language barrier between Rushana and the team.  Rushana is from Uzbekistan and speaks enough English to make things work, but to articulate what we wanted to say in regards to marketing was difficult.  After a few trial and errors, we learned how to speak to each other in ways we all understood (and sometimes that meant Google translate).


The big event


When the big night came, all the seats were full.   We had never expected an event like this in Oshkosh, Wi.  All of our hard work had paid off and it showed digitally as well. When we first started working with Rushana, she had 80 followers on Facebook.  By the night of the fashion show, her followers had increased to over 300.  That's 3x the amount for you mathematicians out there. Also, with the Facebook stats, over 400 people had visted her website. We were very happy about her digital marketing strategy outcome!




Reflecting back on the event, it was awesome to walk alongside an entreprenuer who had a dream and made that dream into a reality.    If you can relate to this story, are an entrepreneur, or want to develop your dream, we're here to help!  We learned a lot from this experience.


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