Mission, Vision, Values Statement 101

Mission, Vision, Values Statement 101

August 3, 2017


I bet you're wondering: "why should a business have a mission, vision and values statement?". Well, it isn't required, but the purpose in creating a business is to solve a problem and grow and how can you do either of those without statements that support those claims?


When a company has well-established statements, they can strategically plan and manage their business. This makes it easier to solve the problem they seek to solve and grow!


So let me ask you this, why wouldn't you have all of these statements?


If you have an amazing business idea or already have a well-established business you want to create strong mission, vision, and values statements. Each statement has its own purpose for your business and even if you already have these, are they still relevant? These statements should be changed once large goals are achieved or new strategic goals are set for your business but don't be fooled, making changes can take time.


Simply put - The mission statement explains the reason for the companies existence, where as the vision describes the organization as it would appear successfully in the future and your values are based on what the organization believes in and how it will behave.


These statements are the core of a business, building blocks if you will, that the company is built upon. Goals are set from these statements and the company culture is created from. Take the time to create strong statements and live by them in your professional and even personal life. 


So, what are the mission, vision, and values of your business? Do you need to make any adjustments? #missionpossible


If you need to create a mission, vision and/or values statements, we are here to help!


Tips on writing a GREAT Mission Statement: 


1) Short and concise, one sentence statement. 


2) A mission statement MUST answer the following questions:


What do we do?

How do we do it?

Whom do we do it for?

What value are we bringing?


3) Test It! Does your statement work? If not revise it. 


Steps on writing a GREAT Vision Statement:


1) Answer these questions:


What does your company create?

What's YOUR unique twist?


2) Create quantification, this will make it clear & concise


3) Make a human connection! 


Tips on writing a GREAT Values Statement:


1) What do you believe in?


2) What are your principles?


Yes! It really is that simple, this is a building block for your company & the other two statements should emphasize this statement!


BONUS: consider both the short-term and long-term goals of your company when creating all of these.




All this GREATNESS can take your business places you could never have imagined, we recommend taking the time NOW to write statements worthy of GREATNESS and you will thank yourself later!


Want to start implementing these tools?

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