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July 28, 2017


Happy #TalkInAnElevator Day!


Today we celebrate National Talk in an Elevator Day and in honor of such a holiday we want to welcome you to asking us either about our elevator pitch or assisting you with improving yours. 


Here at the Digital Garden we take pride in our work and are always dusting off our elevator pitches to reflect how we've grown, but don't mistake that for a total revamp, we keep our values and mission in mind every step of the way.


Now that you know what an elevator pitch is and why you NEED one, you're probably asking yourself, how do I create one?


Here are 6 tips for crafting your elevator pitch TODAY!


1) Identify YOUR goal


What are you trying to accomplish with your business, if you do NOT know this you will confuse anyone you are pitching to. It could be something as simple as increasing sales by a specific amount this year.


2) Explain what YOU do


What does your business offer, is it a goods or services based company, what industry and target market you serve and let them know how you do that 'thing' you're great at.


3) Communicate YOUR unique selling proposition


What makes you, well YOU! Why would someone use your business over your competitors? Convince them that YOU are the one they have been looking for to solve their problem. 


4) Engage with a question


Add in a hook. It's like a great ending to a great movie. You want to leave a lasting impression, not be forgotten as soon as they walk away. Engage them and hook them so you gain business from your pitches.


5) Pull all of these pieces together


Combine everything! Adjust the pitch based on how long it is, you want to talk quickly, but clearly and you do NOT want this to last more than 1.5 - 2 minutes.




Practice makes perfect and this will help you with #5. You will have this memorized and will know how to add more or have less when pitching. & do NOT be afraid of tweaking this from time to time as your business evolves, I actually demand it! But NEVER lose your authenticity and purpose!




Creating the perfect elevator pitch can be tricky, but it makes life so much easier for you in upcoming networking scenarios. Hopefully this guide helps elevate your pitch and leave amazing first impressions in the future. Can't wait to see what you create!


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