How to Create a Content Schedule (and why you should!)

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How to Create a Content Schedule (and why you should!)

June 6, 2017


Scheduling is ... that annoying question you ask yourself when it comes to marketing your business on social media. Am I posting too much? Am I posting enough? 


First things first


Let's break it down. Scheduling firstly is not important if your message stinks. First things first, make sure you understand what you NEED to post and how to say it to your customers.


Now that we have that squared away, the second step is organizing your posts to specific social media channels for your business type. Once you know what channels you need to be on, you can easily post based on a plan and manage your posts on social media.


So what is scheduling?


Scheduling is posting regularly, based on a plan you have created for the social media channels your business is on. All while managing said channels to reach your customers with ease using a simple and straightforward message.


I would love to hear your current scheduling plan, leave a comment or send me a message about it!


Staying organized and keeping up is tough. That pesky thing called time, which you never seem to have enough of, makes it hard to stay on track. Here is a simple step-by-step process to create a schedule for posting to social media for your business.


Here are the 3 BIG ways to figure out how much you should post:


1) Ask yourself, how much time you have to devote to content

That is because it doesn't matter how much you post if the content stinks! You want to evaluate how long it takes you to create VALUABLE content for a post. Then decide how often you can dedicate X amount of time. 


2) Be realistic

Set expectations that you can ACTUALLY achieve. So telling yourself you are going to post 3 times per day but not having enough time to do so is not realistic. It will lead to you feeling overwhelmed and probably not posting anything at all. 


3) Start with the objective

So what are you trying to achieve? Is there an event that you want to promote, or a new product you are launching? Focus on the objective and how many posts will build to that. 


You can use online sources to help you manage your posting schedule, a person or write it down by hand. Do what is realistic, works with the time you can commit and stays within your objectives.


4) Set  measurable goals

It's important to set exact goals that you would like to achieve. Include exact numbers and a date you hope to reach each goal. This gives you a clear idea of your expectations and provides extra motivation to strive for successful results!


5) Analyze your results

Take a look at which goals you reached and which goals you struggled to achieve. If you didn't reach some of your goals, don't worry! Marketing is all about trial and error. Ask yourself how you can acheive better results in the future and make sure to continuously improve your content strategy!


6) Keep it simple and have fun!

Your content schedule doesn't need to be overcomplicated to achieve results. Just make sure that your content fits with your brand and objectives! Digital marketing can and should be fun, and if you're enjoying your work it will shine through to your audience.



Scheduling your content may seem time consuming at first, but it will actually save you plenty of time in the long run. Creating a content schedule allows you to tailor your content strategy to fit your brand, reach your objectives, and keep your online brand blooming!


Need help creating a content schedule? We've got the perfect tool for you! Check out our Planner Guide!


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