6 Tips for creating Effective Content

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6 Tips for creating Effective Content

June 1, 2017


When figuring out what content is, I always think about a big meal. Frankly, because I love to eat I think metaphorically in food! The framework for content is the plate, The content is the food on the plate next to your glass.


So you have your topic (plate), then you create the content to fit the topic (food) and complete it with any and all complementary pieces to spice it up and keep everyone wanting more (your drink).


Sounds easy enough right? Just take it one step at a time and you will be a master chef in content in no time!


Try these 6 tips for creating effective content to successfully reaching your target market.

1) Write content from your perspective.
Don't simply copy what your competitors are doing or what a company that is successful has done, you need to explain things from your point of view.

2) Create content that is educational and informative.
Help teach and inform your customers about what you are doing and how it is done. By doing this you will create a stronger relationship with your customers and they will become more loyal as they begin to know more about your business.

3) Post content regularly!
Having a great company that has online platforms is awesome, but it isn't everything. When you are online on various platforms trying to reach current and potential customers, it is VERY important that you are posting regularly, otherwise, you start to become forgotten. Be mindful though, it is possible to be posting too much. 

4) Post to social media. 
When you have done ALL of this work, don't let it go to waste, post your work out to the world. Once you have posted you will see changes in the people that utilize your business, whether it be the type of people, the number of people and so on. 


5) Get creative and have some fun with this.
This step is more optional, but I really like to have fun with this and as they say, if you aren't having fun, then you must be doing something wrong. Whether you decide to hop on with some of the trends or just do your own creative thing with words, pictures, video, etc. it is really up to you. Always remember, have FUN with this.

6) Seek a professional
If you need to get started and want someone to guide you through with tools and advice that will take you from working under stress to being excited to market your business then you will want to contact US!



You would be surprised how many people ask me what to do when they don't have anything to post about. When it comes to creating effective content, there isn't a quick answer. By understanding your company, its values, mission, goals, etc you can then create a story that your audience can fall in love with, which makes people loyal and coming back for more.


So when you ask, how do I create effective content, I say "what is your business, what problems does it solve for people, what do you want to accomplish?" From there you can create meaningful and EFFECTIVE content to post for your customers & trust me, they will come back for more as they will believe in you!


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