Which Social Media Platform is Right for your Business?

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Which Social Media Platform is Right for your Business?

May 22, 2017


Social media is the name of the game these days, and each platform offers its own unique feature that can provide value for your business and customers. Let's take a look at the major players in the social media world!

Who should use it: Everyone and their grandmas (literally)
What to share: All types of online content, events, ads

Who should use it: Lifestyle, food, fashion, personalities and luxury brands
What to share: Share visual content, including short videos (less than 15 seconds)

Who should use it: Businesses (especially B2B service providers), Recruiters and Job-Seekers
What to share: Job-postings, company descriptions, employer/employee research

Who should use it: Brands already on the other major social networks, B2B networking, bloggers
What to share: More formal and professional than Facebook; Hashtags have major search value

Who should use it: Everyone – from individuals to the largest multinational corporations
What to share: Start, join, and lead conversations; interact directly with brands and customers

Who should use it: Brands with video content and ads, anyone giving explanations or sharing expertise
What to share: Short (less than 1.5 minutes) video content

Who should use it: Fashion, food, design, travel and anything DIY; audience skews female by 4:1
What to share: Creative, visual content

Who should use it: B2C companies, brick-and-mortar outlets (especially stores, restaurants, and travel/tourism related), reviewers and bloggers
What to share: Location-based business search and reviews


There are so many social media platforms and they do so many different things, can you give me some tips on choosing which ones are right for me?

Tip #1 Know what platforms are best for your business type.

Tip #2 Do your research, see what your competitors are doing and more importantly, what they are NOT. 

Tip #3 Keep it simple and set goals for what YOU can manage. 

Tip #4 Make a plan & don't quit too early, what are goals if you don't achieve them, am I right?

Tip #5 Execute, execute, execute! You did the research, you kept it simple, you made and plan and now don't give up on your new marketing plan.


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